[PD] strategy to apply shaders/motion blur to pmpd in a 1900x800 rectangular gemwin

Marco Donnarumma lists at marcodonnarumma.com
Tue Nov 5 12:08:44 CET 2013

Hi all,

I have a 1900 x 800 gemwin. I render a few geos on a big [sphere] and a
pmpd system on top of it.

I'd need some cpu-friendly motion blur and glow effects on everything
rendered in the gemwin.

My strategy so far has been to split the final rendering into two 800x800
squares. That is:

I have two [snap2tex] snapping two separate [gemwin -1] onto two [square].
One [snap2tex] has 0 0 offset, and the other has 800 0 offset. Then, by
modulating the opacity of [colorRGB] for the 2 squares I can get motion
blur effect.

This works fine, but the same splitting strategy doesn't work for shaders.
If I apply a shader to the two [square] the coordinate of the texture are
all mixed up.

Also, when applying the shaders the cpu go up +30%, whereas [snap2 tex]
takes way less resources. is that normal?

What's the best way to go here?


Marco Donnarumma
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Embodied Audio-Visual Interaction Research Team.
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