[PD] Help with OSX App minefield

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Wed Nov 6 03:29:38 CET 2013

> But the Pd dev community has always been not so good at coordinated
> There is a history of lots of effort going into semi-compatible dev forks
> mostly die out after a run (pd-devel, desiredata, vibrez, etc. etc.)
Perhaps Pd-
> extended or pd-l2ork will be the next one to die out...
> .hc


Your heart is in the right place but we also need to practice what we
preach. I think the FOSS community's greatest weakness is also its greatest
strength--if things die away and even get duplicated, they have done so for
a specific reason. I find the existence of pd-l2ork essential in what I do
as I am sure you and many others find pd-extended and/or pd-vanilla. Just
like Miller, you, I, and many other core contributors to the Pd ecosystem, I
am flattered that others may find my flavor useful but I have no intentions
of trying to make anyone a convert. In other words, having options is a good
thing and we all ultimately choose to use whatever best addresses our needs,
even if that means introducing a level of redundancy. Our projects have also
inspired each other on various occasions and I see this as a good thing--at
the very least I see this as a great source for motivation.

I have no intentions of dropping pd-l2ork anytime soon because it has proven
particularly useful in my own work. And even if one day I do stop developing
it, I have no expectations about its future. Ideally, someone else will pick
up the code and run with it. And if no one does I guess that will be the
testament to how bad this branch was and maybe it will be a good thing that
it will wither and die away. OTOH, it may persist and transform into
something none of us could ever even imagine, and that is fine as well.
Ultimately, pd-l2ork serves my purpose (just like I anticipate pd-extended
serves yours) and is IMO different enough in its agenda/focus to warrant its
existence--and as long as that continues to be the case I am fairly
confident that we'll all continue plugging away at that next iteration of
our preferred platform.

Best wishes,


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