[PD] Arduino/Raspberry comport issue

Allen, Michael allenm at spu.edu
Mon Nov 11 02:25:10 CET 2013

I’m using a Teensy to get data from Pots and switches into PD on a RPi. The teensy sketch is set to open serial at 9600 baud. In PD I have [comport devicename 9600]. It won’t receive data. When I change the object to [comport devicename 115200] it immediately opens and starts receiving data. I’m specifying the device name since it seems to be switching between port 1 and 0 for unknown reasons upon power cycling or unplugging, etc.

So then if I save the patch with [comport device name 115200] and reopen it, it won’t receive data. If I change the object to [comport device name 9600] it immediately opens the port and starts receiving. So it doesn’t seem to matter what the absolute value of the baud rate is, it just wants to be something other than what I specify initially? Ultimately I want to run headless without a gui, and just plug the RPi in and have it work so needing to change the object each time will not fly. Any ideas on what is happening here?


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