[PD] Arduino/Raspberry comport issue

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Mon Nov 11 09:51:31 CET 2013


Allen, Michael wrote:
> I’m using a Teensy to get data from Pots and switches into PD on a
> RPi. The teensy sketch is set to open serial at 9600 baud. In PD I
> have [comport devicename 9600]. It won’t receive data. When I change
> the object to [comport devicename 115200] it immediately opens and
> starts receiving data. I’m specifying the device name since it seems
> to be switching between port 1 and 0 for unknown reasons upon power
> cycling or unplugging, etc.

for the device name you can use the [devicename ( message instead
with port name rather than a port number.

Then use it like that: 

[devicename /dev/serial/by-id/the-id-of-you-teensy, baud 9600 (

This may solve the other problem.

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