[PD] PdWeekend Rampup Roundtable "Brainstorming with Miller and Friends" Nov 15 at UCSD

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Mon Nov 11 20:47:36 CET 2013

We have some hopes of live networking more widely, but regardless of that
it seems worthwhile to post the agenda here quickly for Pd-folk  to
peruse.  And maybe insights will be provoked (on Pd-list and elsewhere) as
a good result.

Also ** Please remember ** if you "were thinking of" making a donation to
the New Blankets Artist-in-Transit mini-fundraiser for Jonathan Wilkes,
there are only a few days left to do that eligible for matching funding
from New Blankets.
Please e-mail me or e-mail the AIT fundraising address
"wilkes_ait at newblankets.org" and let us know to set aside the match $$ for
you, if you like.  Many people of course have contributed ideas and
congratulations to Jonathan -- far more valuable but not accepted at the
beans-and-rice store, of course :)

The agenda below is also online/updated at
(and you may save time/stop_reading now if you prefer to go there)

   PdWeekend Friday Ramp-Up Roundtable
      "Brainstorming with Miller & Friends" (UCSD Campus)

8:00A(1hr) VIP Promenade & Random Social Meandering (+ Room
   Setup) Coffee, Tea, Juice, Bagels ad lib

9:00A(30m) Sound Spatialization w/Hoa Library CICM/Paris 8 team
   ((live via network)) Guillot,Sèdes,Paris HoaLibrary allows musicians
   and composers to synthesize, transform and render sound fields in a
   creative and artistic way. This library facilitates the understanding
   and the appropriation of key concepts of Ambisonics. Thanks to original
   graphical interfaces, HoaLibrary offers a lot of new signal processing
   like diffuse sound field synthesis, perspective distortion or spatial

9:30A(30m) New Blankets and Puredata from the top and the roots.
   Rustomji Vania Gi Vania, one of the founders of New Blankets, will
   explore and discuss perspectives on how New Blankets and Pd synergy has
   developed since 2008 when Miller joined the founding Board. The
   "Suitcase Supercomputer" first built right here in Atkinson Hall out of
   PSP+cameras+Wifi (with Miller & many Friends and Friends of Friends),
   the first ever Fedora-Pd-extended Live Stick which Gi designed and
   produced with Hans-Christoph Steiner, the Pd+RPi workshops that he has
   enabled and participated in with Miller since the first 100 Pd+RPi kits
   arrived last year for circulation -- and more. Note: Without bringing a
   crystal ball to roll but with a new role at Southern Illinois
   University as Deputy Director for Research Computing and
   Cyberinfrastructure Gi will outline (and try to instigatediscussion of)
   New Blankets' possible best initiatives forward for 2014. In fact it
   seems likely that in 2014 the Venn diagrams of community open
   benevolent activity will show New Blankets in a much thicker overlap
   with mainline campus computing and professional/academic libraries.
   With his commitment to New Blankets and technical leadership role at
   SIU Gi is a principal architect of how New Blankets will find a good
   path forward -- with many universities, museums and cultural centers.
   And "Mr. Gi" is quite a good listener as well. So let the NB discussion

10:00A(30m) Recent Usability Improvements to Pd Jonathan Wilkes
         New Blankets Artist-in-Transit 2014 Overview of some usability
improvements to
   Pd, including info objects, documentation search engine,
   multi-connection shortcuts, and some new datastructure objects. Plus a
   few ideas for future improvements. [ITPS: It's the ponies, silly.]


11:00A(30m) RaspberryPi rigging & cheap tricks + Sneak_Peek of Saturday
   AM Workshop Miller Puckette

11:30A(30m)   Break for Lunch

1:00P(30m) netpd Roman Haefeli netpd is a CRNMME (Collaborative
   Realtime Networked Music Making Environment) built in Pure Data. It
   allows many users to have a realtime jam sessions with each other,
   connected over the net. Users might contribute their own netpd-ized
   patches a.k.a. instruments or use pre-existing ones. The set of
   patches, as well as the state of each is synchronized between clients
   in order to provide identical experience for every connected user.

1:30P(30m) High Performance Wireless Innovation -- Experience from
   HPWREN Hans-Werner Braun HPWREN functions as a collaborative
   Internet-connected cyberinfrastructure on research, education, and
   public safety activities. The project supports a wireless data network
   in San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial counties (topology). The network
   includes backbone nodes, typically on mountain tops, to connect often
   hard-to-reach areas in remote environments.

2:00P(30m) DIY Mic Kit, Slice//Jockey & Saturday Workshop Preview Katja
   Vetter The inimitable Katja Vetter will show the remarkable things
   she's invented and constructed with and for Pd. She will also inspire
   with her performance skills -- thereby also offering a Sneak Peek of:
   her Saturday workshop, the Live Jam Saturday evening and the Patching
   Circle in one fell memorable swoop.

2:30P(30m) What's new in Pd 0.43 +Sneak_Peek of Sunday CrashSpace
   Patching Circle Miller Puckette

3:00P(30m) Pdl2Ork + Saturday workshop Sneak_Peek Ico Bukvic "At L2Ork
   we seek to explore new and exciting opportunities that arise from
   combining the quintessential form of collaboration with centuries of
   tradition found in the Western orchestra, with affordable and versatile
   contemporary technology, in this case laptops. Since laptops, unlike
   traditional instruments can take on many different roles, we believe
   that there is no single ultimate way to implement a laptop orchestra
   and we see this as its greatest potential."

3:30P(30m) Reflection and Recap Miller and All After a few minutes of
   "topics whiteboarding" Miller will lead a discussion the day's loose
   ends and promising further directions -- as well as his "takeaway
   impressions" recap: insights and/or conundrums gleaned from all the
   presenters and discussions.

             Confirmed On-Site Participants (partial list)
     *Braun      Hans-Werner Braun hwb at ucsd dot edu
     **Bukvic    Ivica Ico Bukvic  ico at vt dot edu
     Daniels     Michelle Daniels  michelledaniels at ucsd dot edu
     Deken       Joe Deken         joe_deken at newblankets dot org
     *+Haefeli   Roman Haefeli     reduzent at gmail dot com
     Kraan       Fred Jan Kraan    fjkraan at xs4all dot nl
     Meng        Christopher Meng  empmeng at gmail dot com
     **+Puckette Miller Puckette   msp at ucsd dot edu
     *Seldess    Zachary Seldess   zseldess at eng dot ucsd.edu
     Trowbridge  Theron Trowbridge theron dot trowbridge at gmail.com
     *Vania      Rustomji H Vania  gvania at siu dot edu
     **+Vetter   Katja Vetter      katjavetter at gmail dot com
     **Wilkes    Jonathan Wilkes   jancsika at yahoo dot com

             Video Participants (logistics-in-progress)
     Brooks    Julian Brooks   mail at julianbrooks dot net
     Farnell   Andy Farnell    padawan12 at obiwannabe dot co.uk
     Guillot   Pierre Guillot  guillotpierre6 at gmail dot com
     McCormick Chris McCormick chris at mccormick dot cx
     Oliver    Jaime E Oliver  jaime dot oliver2 at gmail.com

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