[PD] Announce: new rjlib compatible rc-patches

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 09:51:41 CET 2013

Howdy all,

I've begun the process of porting my patch library to compatibility with / reliance on rjlib and an overall less reliance on externals so they will work well with libpd & PdParty.

In the spirit of "release early, release often", you can get it from github in the "rc" folder: https://github.com/danomatika/rc-patches/tree/master/rc

Full disclosure: I've always turned cool examples from this list into abstractions and generally attribute the original authors. I also borrow some abstractions from other libraries in order to keep outside requirements low (mainly some from of the list-abs). Please let me know if I miss an attribution or if you don't want me to include an abstraction you've written.

Highlights include: .................................... (I recommend the crossfm/pm/fmpm synths + GEM &  trying Pd-extended + Billy Idol in c_midiplay-help!) 

c_autospigot - pass a signal only if it's above an amplitude threshold
c_midiplay - midifile player (requires mrpeach [midifile])
c_nstep - arbitrary length bang sequence player
c_playlist - manage a playlist from a text file
c_qseq - sequencer interface to qlist
c_spigot - toggle a signal without clicking
e_3bandeq - dj-style 3 band equalizer
e_moog - moog style resonant low pass filter (requires ggee)
e_powdist - pow based distortion
e_ringmod - ring modulation
g_scope - simple oscilloscope gui
g_spectroscope - frequency spectrum gui
g_vu - mono vu meter
g_vu2 - stereo vu meter
m_ctlin - ctlin that can learn it's ctl num & channel
m_fadtodb - convert fader scale to vu db
m_mavg - moving average filter
m_scalefilter - filter notes based on a given scale
s_303 - roland tb 303 style bass synth (requires ggee)
s_crossfm - cross frequency modulation synth
s_crossfmpm - cross frequency / phase modulation synth
s_crosspm - cross phase modulation synth
s_sample - one shot sample player
u_allnotesoff - send noteoff for all midi notes
u_count - up/down counter
u_demux2 - demultiplex from 1 inlet between 2 outlets
u_list2symbol - convert a list into a symbol
u_mux2 - multiplex between 2 inlets to 1 outleti
u_openclose - open and close patches via filename (requires ggee)
u_remote - send remote messages to state saving objects
u_savestate - save & load scene state settings
u_tabdump - dump the contents of a table as a list
u_tabset - set the contents of a table via a list

Dan Wilcox

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