[PD] literal $0 from message to gui send and gui receive

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 15:06:45 CET 2013


I have been trying to rename sends and receives of dials at runtime

they need actual literal $0 in their name.

so I tried this with sending a 0 to $$4 in a message
it worked for the literal renaming but the patch gets messed up after
saving and reloading.

somehow the patch does need to be able to be edited and saved without
changeing the $$4 to a   $\$4   once reloaded after a save.

this is what the patch looks like from the .pd file after a save.

#X msg 188 -194 \; \$1-o\$2-waveform-rx receive \$$4-o\$3-waveform-rx
\; \$1-o\$2-dt-rx receive-rx \$$4-o\$3-dt-rx \; \$1-env\$2-o\$2-dt-rx
receive \$$4-env\$3-o\$3-dt-rx \; \$1-lfo\$2-o\$2-dt-rx receive
\; \$1-o\$2-pw receive-rx \$$4-o\$3-pw-rx \; \$1-env\$2-o\$2-pw-rx
receive \$$4-env\$3-o\$3-pw-rx \; \$1-lfo\$2-o\$2-pw-rx receive
\; \$1-env\$2-o\$2-rx receive \$$4-env\$3-o\$3-rx \; \$1-lfo\$2-o\$2-rx
receive \$$4-lfo\$3-o\$3-rx;
#X msg -109 -193 \; \$1-o\$2-waveform-rx send \$$4-o\$3-waveform \;
\$1-o\$2-dt-rx send \$$4-o\$3-dt \; \$1-env\$2-o\$2-dt-rx send
\; \$1-lfo\$2-o\$2-dt-rx send \$$4-lfo\$3-o\$3-dt \; \$1-o\$2-pw-rx
send \$$4-o\$3-pw \; \$1-env\$2-o\$2-pw-rx send \$$4-env\$3-o\$3-pw
\; \$1-lfo\$2-o\$2-pw-rx send \$$4-lfo\$3-o\$3-pw \; \$1-env\$2-o\$2-rx
send \$$4-env\$3-o\$3 \; \$1-lfo\$2-o\$2-rx send \$$4-lfo\$3-o\$3;
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