[PD] Selfdestroying patches

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 16:46:46 CET 2013

Sine you're opening the patches via libpd through ofxPd, you already have the pointer to the patch instance. Simply use that to close each instance individually. If you want to have the patch close itself, you can have it send a message to the C++ layer with it's $0 or a custom index so you know which object to close.

On Nov 18, 2013, at 6:00 AM, pd-list-request at iem.at wrote:

> From: Ronni Montoya <ronni.montoya at gmail.com>
> Subject: [PD] Selfdestroying patches
> Date: November 17, 2013 at 10:44:59 PM EST
> To: PD List <pd-list at iem.at>
> Hi, im opening multiple instances of a pd patch  from openframeworks
> using the ofxPd library .
>  My patch generates a grain, so when i create multiple instances of
> this patch from openframeworks it generates a granular cloud.
> I need that after the grain is generated ( when sound finishes)  the
> patch can selfdestroy itself ( instance get closed) .
> How can i do this?
> cheers
> R.

Dan Wilcox

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