[PD] 96khz and metronome tempi

Ali Momeni batchku at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 00:47:53 CET 2013

hi all,
i'm trying to run pd 45-2 on os x 10.8,
with a MobileIO 2882 audio interface set to 96khz;
when i set the sampling rate to 96khz in the PD preferences and apply,
a 'metro 1000' puts out bangs every 2seconds or so (!!!).
when i set the sampling rate back to 44.1, all is well.

my search of the archive reported lots of postings regarding writesf~ and
but i didn't come across anything about event scheduler issues.

is this problem particular to my audio interface/os/pd-version or have
others seen it?

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