[PD] [PD-announce] MSc, and PhD offers in generative audio/video art @ SFU

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Subject: MSc, and PhD offers in generative audio/video art @ SFU.

MSc, and PhD offers in generative audio/video art @ SFU.

The Advanced Media Research Group (AMRG) at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada has up to 4 graduate fellowships available for masters and/or doctoral students with one or more of the following interests and expertise:
Film and new media theory and practice
Interactive narrative systems (design and analysis)
Generative systems for music, sound and video
Video and audio digital signal processing and multimedia programming
Besides being familiar with computer music tools, 3 and 4 assume a background in Computer Science, Machine Learning, and DSP.

The Advanced Media Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group including members from the fields of humanities, computer science, music and cognitive science whose work focuses on video art, new media theory and analysis, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, meta-creation, computational systems for creative applications, music composition, and soundscape design.  

AMRG has embarked on an ambitious research-creation project funded by SSHRC to investigate and design systems to generate real-time audio/video experiences that demonstrate artistic value and increasing semantic coherence. The video functionality relies upon a “recombinant” generative design (tagging and shuffling of existing video clips).  
The senior research team for the project includes:
Jim Bizzocchi [http://www.sfu.ca/siat/people/faculty/jim-bizzocchi.html]
Tom Calvert [http://www.sfu.ca/siat/people/faculty/tom-calvert.html]
Arne Eigenfeldt [http://www.sfu.ca/~eigenfel/arne/main.html]
Philippe Pasquier [http://www.sfu.ca/siat/people/faculty/philippe-pasquier.html]

We invite those interested to submit applications to the graduate program at SIAT (MA, MS, PhD).  The application deadline is January 30th, 2014 (for entry September 2014).  Full information about the application requirements and process can be found at:
Indicate in the cover letter to your application that you are interested in working with the Advanced Media Research Group.

Questions about the Advanced Media Research Group or the research-creation project can be directed to Justine Bizzocchi (Justine at sfu.ca)

Philippe Pasquier
Associate Professor, Graduate Program Chair,
School of Interactive Arts and Technology,
Email: pasquier at sfu.ca     | Skype: pasquierphilippe
http://www.sfu.ca/pasquier | http://www.metacreation.net

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