[PD] usb controller for pd

i go bananas hard.off at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 18:23:15 CET 2014

Have been looking round for a midi (preferably USB) controller for pd.

here's what i have decided i need:

* endless rotary knobs with LED displays
* LCD display above each knob

I've messed around with midi and usb controllers for years, and basically,
if there is nothing written on the knob, i'm not smart enough to remember
what that knob is meant to do.  So the LCD display is a must.  Also, i like
to rapid-fire preset changes, so endless rotary knobs with LED displays is
also a must.

pretty much, the mackie c4 looks ideal, except for a couple of things that
worry me:
(1) no usb
(2) not sure how well it integrates into pd in realtime (ie, can i update
the LCD displays, knob position LEDS, etc???)
(3) i read that the knobs take 5 full turns to send 0-127 midi cc.  that

another one i'm looking at is the novation remote zero, which seems kinda
cool too, but all i really need is the endless rotary knobs and LCD
display, so there's a lot of stuff there i don't need.

is there something i might have overlooked?

i tried lemur and all that too, but i just can't get into the touch screen
thing, either.  i need real knobs.
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