[PD] groove machine how to: keep metro and a loop in sync

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Hi Filippo,

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 6:57 PM, Filippo Beck Peccoz <mail at fbpsound.com>wrote:

> Inspired by a talk on groove by Victor Wooten, I'm working on a patch that
> plays a wav loop repeatedly (drums) and then cuts the volume on the track
> for a certain number of beats. The interval gets larger and larger, forcing
> you to work on your timing and general "groove" feel.
> The patch is already working quite OK, but one thing I cannot seem to get
> completely right is a perfect sync between the beats which cut off the
> volume of the wav.
> I'm using a metro object set to the bpm of the loop and start both
> concurrently. Maybe this is just much too imprecise for what I'm trying to
> do..
If I understand you right you would like to synchronize an audio loop
with a [metro]. I guess you control the audio loop by something like
[phasor~] or at least anything controlled within the DSP domain. Then, if
you replace such [phasor~] with a [line~], controlled within the event
domain there should be no problem anymore.


[phasor~ 1]


[metro 1000]
[0, 1 1000(

or even something like te following (unpack and pack the message to add
something to the second value)

[metro 250]
|              \
|               [i ]/[+1]/[%4]
|              /
|            /
[0, 1 250(
|     /
[+ ]
[/ 4]

to divide this second into four line segments.

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