[PD] PdDroidParty release

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Tue Jan 21 06:30:16 CET 2014

Hey all,

I've finally pulled this release #253 together and it's up now at:


Two big new things I am excited about:

1. Muddu Kishan added the ability to load patches from a specially
formatted zipfile (".dpz"). This means you can now zip up your
droidparty compatible patches and send them to people - if they have
PdDroidParty installed on their device it will automatically unpack and
run the .dpz file for them in droidparty. To use it:

 * Make a zip of your droidparty patch with a folder at the top level,
not just the files inside e.g. `zip -r MyPatch.zip MyPatch`
 * Give the zipfile an extension of .dpz instead of zip. `mv MyPatch.zip
 * Optionally include a comment like "version: 99" in your
droidparty_main.pd patch and it will prompt to overwrite different versions.

The app will pick up .dpz files via email, HTTP download, or on the
sdcard. I need to document this better but attached is an example, or
you can tap on this link on your phone running droidparty for more demos:


I have a fun idea of making a repository of .dpz files available at
droidparty.net but I am not sure if I'll get around to that. You can
easily upload your .dpz files at puredata.info anyway if you like and
downloads will work from there. I just love how small .dpz synth
packages are!

2. In this release I worked hard at getting droidparty receiving
broadcast UDP packets. My use-case is syncing time signatures between
instances running on different devices on the same WiFi network, but
there are probably other fun ones like sharing slider state between
devices or some other type of information during live performance
(chord/scale context?). See the attached demos "netro-example" which
syncs time between devices on a network, and "droidnetreceive" which
syncs a slider movement. The time syncing one includes a latency
adjustment slider which you'll probably need as the network packets
generally go faster than Android's awful audio stack.

Here is a very rough video of this working with two WiFi synced
CanOfBeats patches:


Sorry about the terrible quality video. There was some whiskey involved.

I should really make some more videos.

Have fun!



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