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You can also download the entire archive linked in the top-left corner.

It's in a format called "mbox" that predates various forces attempting to remake the internet in the style of cable-tv (who btw are succeeding, at least in the U.S.).

The archive gives you the "content" you're after, and you decide how you want to present it.  (Yet another dream of the early web pioneers that's dying a slow death.)  You can import that "mbox" file into _any_ email application and it will make sense of it because it's an international standard format for email.

There are tutorials for doing this with Thunderbird-- essentially just putting the mbox file in the correct directory and opening the application.  Then it will appear and you can browse/search/reorg all those Pd list messages like any other email message.  Finally, make a filter to put new incoming Pd-list messages there and you're done.  Thunderbird may suggest archiving the thing because it slows down searching, but a slow local search is still faster than the average search on Gmane.

You can also download any Thunderbird plugin to display the messages in a newsgroup style, with threading, and all kinds of other options that essentially let you present the messages however it suits you.

Unfortunately, this means the Pd-list server has to take a hit while you download the archive.  It'd be nice if the Bittorrent protocol had been expanded in the past decade to handle files that grow over time.  But again, there is a very real battle against all technology and infrastructure that distributes content at zero cost.  So this is the next best thing.


On Thursday, January 23, 2014 8:03 AM, Py Fave <pyfave at gmail.com> wrote:
is it possible to improve the archive of pd-list ?

currently if a discussion spreads on a few monthes ,
you can't follow it.

and it would be easier to have a common interface to use all the informations that "sleep" inside.(sorting by type of content  (such as gem, control, audio  for instance)

i feel it would be useful.
to complement the documentation since many discussions are in there

make it a forum ?

just thinking loud .


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