[PD] Software Defined Radio in Pd

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 12:41:07 CET 2014

Hey all,

I've come across something I'd like to share with everyone.

Video demo
(bit fuzzy but you'll get the drift)

The patches are here:
github: https://github.com/tkzic/pdsdr

This from the github page:

'What is this?

Here's a video of the basicSDR3.pd patch running with a soft66LC2 SDR:

Patches are running PdExtended 0.43-4 on MacOS. Although you will probably
find you can get it run in Pd vanilla with tweaks.

The project is based on tutorial patches for the Max/MSP SDR project at:
http://zerokidz.com/radio - They are documented at that site.

Externals: The source code is kind of a disaster. Please don't ask how to
compile. We just figured out how to get this running in Pd a few days ago.'
Huge props to Tom Z for doing this.

I spoke to Tom briefly last week and he said that he has no time due to
work commitments to deal with this again for another month or so, so I
think it would be better if we left him alone for a bit.

There's a ton of stuff online to explain the concept further so for those
interested I'd recommend some digging about.

The creative potential for applications of this concept are vast (I'm still
getting my head around it to be honest).  He thought that it would be
relatively trivial to turn the receiver into a transmitter which'd be
pretty awesome.  Even just making creative use of the endless variety of
soundsources constantly transmitted unbeknownst to us is plenty for me to
be getting on with.  But yeah, what an ear-opener.

Regards to all,

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