[PD] Zexy build errors from Pd-extended

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jan 30 15:03:50 CET 2014

On 01/30/2014 01:43 PM, John Smith wrote:
> Hello. I try to build zexy from Pd-extended_0.43.4-source.tar.bz2.

please post a complete build log (without omissions).

also, why don't you use either an svn-checkout of zexy:
  svn clone https://svn.code.sf.net/p/pure-data/svn/trunk/externals/zexy
or a release tarball

afaik, the Pd-extended sources are really for building the entire
Pd-extended suite (which builds zexy in a slightly different way).


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