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REVERSE is thrilled to announce a unique, one weekend workshop to be hosted
at our space on Saturday March 8th and Sunday March 9th. The Xth Sense:
Making your own Biophysical Sensor is a hands-on training in augmentation
of the body for musical performance. The Xth Sense (XS) is a DIY
biotechnological musical instrument that amplifies the muscle sound of the
human body, and use them as control data and musical material for
interactive performance.

It is open source and it was named the "world's most innovative new musical
instrument" by the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (US, 2012).

WHEN: Saturday March 8 and Sunday March  9, between 1-6 PM
WHERE: Reverse Space,
* Sensors are included

The workshop will be limited to 12 participants. More info and registration

Developed by performer, body tinkerer, biotech creator and writer Marco
Donnarumma, this two-session workshop will teach participants how to build
their own XS sensor from scratch and how to generate visceral music and
control live videos using the muscle sounds of their bodies.


The XS amplifies the muscle sounds of the human body, and use them as
control data and musical material. When a performer contracts any muscle
low frequency sounds are produced. By capturing these sounds with the XS
microphone sensor and live sampling them with a computer visceral music is
generated in real time. It's like connecting a guitar to an effect pedal;
but here is the body to be connected to an adaptive computational system.
One has complete control over the sound shape by simply contracting muscles
in different ways.

No previous experience in electronics or programming is required, however
participants should be familiar with digital music creation. At the end of
the workshop, attendants will be able to keep the XS biosensors they built,
and the related software for their own use.

Marco Donnarumma
Performer, body tinkerer, teacher and writer.
#soundandmusic #biotech #freeculture
EAVI - Goldsmiths, University of London
Portfolio: http://marcodonnarumma.com
Research: http://res.marcodonnarumma.com
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