[PD] Data structures and click event

Pierre Massat pimassat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 11:24:31 CET 2014

Dear list,

First of all i'd like to say that i'm very impressed by the potential of
data structures in Pd. I've always kind of ignored this feature and it's a
pity because it's really worth diving into it.
That being said I think that help and example patches are far from
sufficient for beginners, and if it wasn't for Chris McCormick's
s-abstractions I would have been able to really figure out how to use them
(stuff like how to make an entire polygon draggable, how to use GOP with
proper scaling, etc.).

I m now stuck with a question. How can I identify the element which was
just clicked ? I know that [struc] outputs the events, like click,
selection and change, but I thought I could identify individual elements by
their pointer id. It turns out that I get the same pointer for every
element, although I created them sequentially (using [append]).

(I guess something must be escaping me about pointers... I've noticed that
within the same template, I get different pointers for elements on
different y-levels, but the same pointer for all the element on the same
y-level regardless of their x.)


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