[PD] pix_buffer loaded event

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Mar 6 11:58:01 CET 2014

On 03/06/2014 11:24 AM, Jack wrote:
> Hello Martin,
> It should be quite simple with a [trigger] to get a bang when

right now [pix_buffer] does synchronous loading of images, so [trigger]
should be enough to detect whether an image has been loaded.

however, i would like to add asynchronous (threaded) image loading to
[pix_buffer] as well, which will require in-patch feedback when images
are loaded (through the outlet of [pix_buffer]).
i imagine, this feedback will be modelled after the thread-loading
messages emitted by [pix_image], e.g. something like:

<slot#> load defer <id> /tmp/image.png
<slot#> load success <id>
<slot#> load discard <id>
<slot#> load fail <id>

but it's not there yet.


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