[PD] libpd and Unity

puredata at 11h11.com puredata at 11h11.com
Sun Mar 9 00:51:29 CET 2014

Yes both adc / dac are working:

You can load a sample in a AudioSource, this will be the ADC signal
You can make a patch with a DAC, this will be the AudioListener

Communication from Unity -> PD is working
Communication from PD -> Unity is working

Loading externals are working too. But what I do is to compile the  
external with libpd and call it in setup(). I have been using comport  
for communication between a microcontroller and Unity:

Right now:
Unity 3.5 / Unity 4
OSX (Unity PRO)
Windows 32bit (can be run on 64bit)*

Coming eventually:

*I have been able to use the indie/free version of Unity 3.5 on  
Windows when placing the libpdcsharp.dll  at the right place. Didn't  
test with Unity 4. Since Unity4 you can build for Android even with  
the indie version.

Not implemented, spatialisation when using a DAC. ADC / AudioSource is  
handle by Unity (you need to toggle 3D sound).


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