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> No.  It requires a toolkit that has modern 2d features like affine transformations and opacity, etc.  Pd-l2ork leverages Tkpath, a tcl/tk library.  Other modern toolkits like Qt have their own 2d interfaces with the same features and could be used, but tcl/tk on its own does not.
>> for the non-unix users out there?
> For OSX, one of the tcl/tk libraries-- Tkpath needs to be ported from Carbon to Cocoa.

I have this about halfway done. I finally found the old QuickTime Carbon headers so I could port the old school font creation to CoreText. All of the old Quick Draw stuff is no longer on the Apple Developer docs, so it was a bit confusing at first. It will take a little while though since I dip into it now and then among everything else.

> I haven't investigated a Windows port yet but it's probably mostly a matter of setting up the proper compile environment more than anything else.  Granted one would probably need to tweak pd.tk and L2ork's build script, but getting set up in Windows seems to be where most of the work is.  (At least in my experience so far.)

It shouldn't require too much beyond the current steps to build vanilla or extended on Windows: a mingw + msys enviornent. Tkpath uses an autoconf build system so it should be fine on Windows as long as you point it to the tcl/tk headers. The issue with OSX is that it simple hasn't been updated in a while but I imagine it's fine on Windows since MS moves very very slowly as far as moving to new APIs is concerned.

Dan Wilcox

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