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On 03/08/2014 12:46 PM, Dan Wilcox wrote:
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>> No.  It requires a toolkit that has modern 2d features like affine 
>> transformations and opacity, etc.  Pd-l2ork leverages Tkpath, a 
>> tcl/tk library.  Other modern toolkits like Qt have their own 2d 
>> interfaces with the same features and could be used, but tcl/tk on 
>> its own does not.
>>> for the non-unix users out there?
>> For OSX, one of the tcl/tk libraries-- Tkpath needs to be ported from 
>> Carbon to Cocoa.
> I have this about halfway done. I finally found the old QuickTime 
> Carbon headers so I could port the old school font creation to 
> CoreText. All of the old Quick Draw stuff is no longer on the Apple 
> Developer docs, so it was a bit confusing at first. It will take a 
> little while though since I dip into it now and then among everything 
> else.

Hey that's great!

I can probably help once you get that part ready.  One issue will be to 
making sure everything builds using a newer version of tcl/tk than what 
Pd-extended currently ships with.  It might be good just to go ahead and 
try 8.6 since it has some new tk::mac goodies.

>> I haven't investigated a Windows port yet but it's probably mostly a 
>> matter of setting up the proper compile environment more than 
>> anything else.  Granted one would probably need to tweak pd.tk and 
>> L2ork's build script, but getting set up in Windows seems to be where 
>> most of the work is.  (At least in my experience so far.)
> It shouldn't require too much beyond the current steps to build 
> vanilla or extended on Windows: a mingw + msys enviornent. Tkpath uses 
> an autoconf build system so it should be fine on Windows as long as 
> you point it to the tcl/tk headers. The issue with OSX is that it 
> simple hasn't been updated in a while but I imagine it's fine on 
> Windows since MS moves very very slowly as far as moving to new APIs 
> is concerned.

There are a few other tk libs Pd-l2ork uses.  I'm also assuming Tkpath 
doesn't have any crashers in Windows-- I haven't tried it yet.


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