[PD] udoo board sound issues

Simon Iten itensimon at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 21:57:45 CET 2014

hey list,

does anybody that uses an udoo board have any recommendations on a usb-soundcard? should be very compact.
i tried a cheap one from dx and i could not get any good results (loads of xruns even with periods 3 and 1024 and up frames in qjackctl) this is on the ubuntu version from udoo.
are there some tweaks i can do to improve usb-sound capabilities? i thought maybe recompile the kernel with only usb-1 support since there is no option as on the pi to disable usb-2 via config, or am i missing something?
is it better to use the usb-soundcard without jack (pd does not like the usb-soundcard either when i tried briefly)?

the internal sound-input is to noisy for my application (guitar effect)


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