[PD] Rewriting a unified phasor / metro object for reading tables

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 22:39:10 CET 2014

(I believe this might rather belong to pd-list instead of pd-dev)

On Don, 2014-03-06 at 18:56 -0500, me.grimm wrote:
> Roman,
> >> wrapping points. The only drawback compared to [phasor~] is that
> the
> >> latter allows to control the frequency with a signal and the
> >> [metro]/[vline~] based phasor obviously doesn't.

> I never did quite figure it out but how do you do more advanced things
> with [vline~] such as updating/increasing ramp speed mid ramp?

Frankly, I often find myself struggling with those kinds of problems.

> >> I'll be glad to help you build the [phasor~] replacement that has
> an
> >> additional bang outlet, if you need it.
> Are you saying this is possible with just metro/vline~ combo? I would
> be curious what that looks like if you did build it....

It wasn't as easy as I initially expected it to be. I already had a
[metro]-like abstraction that can do intra-interval tempo changes.
However, I figured it was buggy (it worked only for the first tempo
change within an interval) and had to redo it. That was the most
difficult part. Combining it with [vline~ ] to make a [vphasor~ ] with
extra bangs at each wrapping point wasn't as hard (at least not with its
current limitations).

Check attachment.


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