[PD] [OT] Raspberry Pi Wolfson Audio Card

Brian Fay ovaltinevortex at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 21:11:16 CET 2014

While I'm sure that Dan is right that the UDOO is the better choice for USB
audio, I do have to say that I've had decent success using my Raspberry Pi
as a guitar effects processor, with the Behringer UCG102 interface.

There's definitely a lot of quirkiness to getting it running... for example
ALSA gets in an infinite restart loop when attempting low latency on
pd-extended, but vanilla starts up fine under the same settings. And then
there's the fact that an issue in the kernel screws up USB audio on major
distros like Raspbian.

I'm using the Satellite CCRMA distro right now with much better success. So
far I've got various delays, a looper, and a waveshaper distortion running
within the same patch, at <20ms latency with very few noticeable dropouts.
Parameters are adjustable with a QuNeo MIDI controller and with a button
attached to the GPIO pins.

The Pi is a bit more affordable than the UDOO boards, but then again I had
to buy a powered USB hub. Ultimately for one audio input the Raspberry Pi
could probably serve most purposes, while the UDOO is more likely to scale
to bigger installations.
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