[PD] udoo board sound issues

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Sat Mar 15 14:15:31 CET 2014

Dan Wilcox wrote:
> Check this page: http://www.michalkaszczyszyn.com/en/tutorials/latency.html#acceptable
> I was wrong, the guitar to amp latency at 1 meter away is roughly 3 ms.

No, it's the amp to ear, related to speed of sound in atmosphere
(around 300m/s).

The electric signal in your guitar cable goes way faster.

In "modern" sound gear (such as the Yamaha 01V sound board), you can
volontarily add latency to outputs, so that the audience receives the
sound waves from distant loudspeakers at the same time. This comes handy
when the subwoofers are under the seats of the audience (2 meters away
from audience), and the others loudspeakers are farther away.

> Sorry for being unscientific about it.

Who cares that the figures does not back you, if you feel good and it
sounds greats :) ?



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