[PD] Interface bug switching to edit mode with sub patches

Jaime E Oliver jaime.oliver2 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 19:12:24 CET 2014


In os x 10.8.5 with Pd 0.45-4, when I save a patch that has a sub patch and this sub patch is open, the next time that I open it I have the following behavior:

+ Both the parent patch and sub patch are loaded, but the parent patch shows up in front.
+ Although the parent patch shows in front of the sub patch, I cannot switch from edit to run mode unless I close the sub patch behind it.

It seems like the edit mode switch is being applied to the sub patch which is not the frontmost window and the correct behavior is that the frontmost window is being addressed by commands. I cannot test this in linux now, but I imagine some might.

To test, open the attached patch and see if you can switch to edit mode…



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