[PD] PD on Raspbian

Christian Fischer mail at c-m-fischer.de
Wed Mar 19 13:29:43 CET 2014

Hi everyone,

two (beginner) questions regarding Pd-extended 0.43.3 on Rpi Raspbian Wheezy:

- There is an I/O error message in the Pd window as there is only an audio out (but no in) on the Rpi. Just deactivating the inlet in Pd audio settings doesn’t help. ALSA is used by default. What can be done to avoid error message? However sound out works fine.

- When opening a new Pd window (ctrl+n), it pops up so high in the bottom left corner of the screen, that you can not see the menu anymore. Therefore the window is not moveable or usable. Used Pd already on various PCs and OS but this I have never experienced. What can be done?


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