[PD] [OT] Raspberry Pi Wolfson Audio Card

Rafael Vega email.rafa at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 14:38:29 CET 2014

Thank you, Winfried!! :D

  + an iio-backend for Jack2 to use the internal AD's
>    in jack for processing sensor data in PD ;-)))  but tricky
I'm quite interested in this. Will you make this available in your blog?

>   + but with a trick: filtered 5V supply for the USB-card not the USB power
>    it seems to get reasonable quality
>    (They have all the same chips like expensive USB cards: C-Media)
You mean hooking up the sound card to a different powers supply? I guess
the ones you are using are not USB powered?

> and release the PD-lib (GPIO,AD,I2C,... interfacing) for these
> devices.
Awesoooommeee!!! :D :D
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