[PD] PD on Raspbian

Christian Fischer mail at c-m-fischer.de
Thu Mar 20 10:42:17 CET 2014

Thanks everybody for the help!

clicking alt worked. However Pd extended freezes sometimes. 
Seems to work better with vanilla. At least so far.

Got also CCRMA have to test it as well as headless.I will report if anything interesting happens...

Thx again!

Am 20.03.2014 um 07:47 schrieb Simon Wise <simonzwise at gmail.com>:

> On 19/03/14 23:29, Christian Fischer wrote:
>> - When opening a new Pd window (ctrl+n), it pops up so high in the bottom
>> left corner of the screen, that you can not see the menu anymore. Therefore
>> the window is not moveable or usable. Used Pd already on various PCs and OS
>> but this I have never experienced. What can be done?
> As mentioned already openbox (the default desktop for the Pi) does the usual thing and Alt-drag anywhere on the window should move it where you want.
> If you are using linux (or Apple) I find connecting to the Pi with ethernet and:
>  ssh -X pi at
> replacing the IP with the actual one of course, it is usually announced on the console at the end of the boot process, then set your laptop ethernet to a compatible manual IP you are set to go.
> is a very comfortable way to work, the pd windows are then on my laptop and the Pi does not need to run a desktop at all.
> pcmanfm &
> should get you a file browser window, so you can navigate and open things in the familiar GUI way, if that is what you prefer.
> Simon
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