[PD] pdgst and gstreamer1.x

Etienne Landon landon.etienne at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 10:56:47 CET 2014

Hi list,

I'm trying to compile pdgst with gstreamer 1.0 version, with no success. Is
there an easy way to achieve this ?

I see the makefile is filed with 0.10 gstreamer includes, I tried replacing
them with 1.0 but it gives me an error (no multichannel.h found). I guess
it's not a clean way to do what I want.

I'm on Ubuntu 13.10 64 bits (tried mint16 64bits also)

My main reason for doing this is because I use decklinsrc a lot and with
1.0 version gstreamer added the possibility to use two of them (for what I

Any tips on this ?

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