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hi, nice! one question:

On 18 Mar 2014, at 12:02, Winfried Ritsch <ritsch at iem.at> wrote:

> Am Donnerstag, 13. März 2014, 16:01:20 schrieb Rafael Vega:
>> Anyone wants to share their experience with the BeagleBoneBlack?
> Yes.
> Since autumn, i am trying to set up an kit hardware+software with BBB for 
> computer-musicians as stomp box, works quite well, after successfully 
> installed it in a long term sound installation (headless):
> some points short:
> system:
> + BBB moved to Debian since this year (good)
> + USB Audio works fine und better now with kernel >= 3.12
> + Network performance works better with kernel >= 3.12
> - IO support doenst use device-tree overlays anymore on kernel > 3.8
> + an iio-backend for Jack2 to use the internal AD's 
>   in jack for processing sensor data in PD ;-)))  but tricky

does this mean, we get a “sound” i.e adc~ in from the internal ad’s? 
> sound:
> + down to 10ms with PD and cheap 8 channel out, 2 in 
>   USB soundcard Logilink 7.1    (EUR 19.90) 
> +  5ms with Logilink stereo USB (EUR 3,90) 
> + success with audio-cape (stereo, but too expensive for the quality)
> - sound quality is normally as bad as on most notebooks, tablets and so on 
> + but with a trick: filtered 5V supply for the USB-card not the USB power
>   it seems to get reasonable quality 
>   (They have all the same chips like expensive USB cards: C-Media)
> I just made a blog on this, but it is not public only for intern usage, if 
> anyone is interested in the IEM-embedded-Sound-Kit (doing some audio over 
> ethernet stuff) i can make it open (after some polishing, especially the 
> english) and release the PD-lib (GPIO,AD,I2C,... interfacing) for these 
> devices.
> This dev's should also work for Cubie-boards, Wand-boards, UDOO and other arm 
> based boards.
> mfg 
> winfried
> PS: Maybe we can start an own thread on this.
>> On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Brian Fay <ovaltinevortex at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> While I'm sure that Dan is right that the UDOO is the better choice for
>>> USB audio, I do have to say that I've had decent success using my
>>> Raspberry
>>> Pi as a guitar effects processor, with the Behringer UCG102 interface.
>>> There's definitely a lot of quirkiness to getting it running... for
>>> example ALSA gets in an infinite restart loop when attempting low latency
>>> on pd-extended, but vanilla starts up fine under the same settings. And
>>> then there's the fact that an issue in the kernel screws up USB audio on
>>> major distros like Raspbian.
>>> I'm using the Satellite CCRMA distro right now with much better success.
>>> So far I've got various delays, a looper, and a waveshaper distortion
>>> running within the same patch, at <20ms latency with very few noticeable
>>> dropouts. Parameters are adjustable with a QuNeo MIDI controller and with
>>> a
>>> button attached to the GPIO pins.
>>> The Pi is a bit more affordable than the UDOO boards, but then again I had
>>> to buy a powered USB hub. Ultimately for one audio input the Raspberry Pi
>>> could probably serve most purposes, while the UDOO is more likely to scale
>>> to bigger installations.
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