[PD] 100k lines of code (was libpd separating gui from core)

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 19:08:19 CET 2014

found them in  wheredoesthisgo 0.1
looks like there is no reference to the variables used in
maybe it is in the tk source.

anyways why not just make  an abstraction that calls tcl exec
for linux send the path sent on an inlet to "ls"
for windows send the path to "dir.exe"
not sure how to list a folders contents on a mac.
pipe the output to the abstractions outlet
I'm not well versed in tcl or I would do it.

once more for  whom it may concern here are the escape sequences.

I think {  and } are labeled as leftbrace and rightbrace, I 've always
called them curlybraces

|Quote             %60
Tilde             %7E
Exclamation         %21
At             @
Number             %23
DollarSign         %24
Percent             %25
Carrot             %5E
Ampersand         %26
Star             *
LeftParenthesis         %28
RightParenthesis         %29
Hyphen             -
Underscore         _
Plus             %2B
Equal             %3D
Pipe             %7C
BackSlash         %5C
LeftBrace         %7B
LeftBracket         %5B
RightBracket         %7D
RightBrace         %7D
Colon             %3A
Semicolon         %3B
DoubleQuote         %22
SingleQuote         %27
LeftArrow         %3C
Comma             %2C
RightArrow        %3E
Period.Question         %3F
ForwardSlash         %2F
Space             +
CarriageReturn         %0D%0A

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 6:05 AM, Billy Stiltner <billy.stiltner at gmail.com>wrote:

> IOHannes, re: 'dir for vanilla'
> well a quick look for the TCL script to expose the innards of pd's file
> browser dialog turned up empty.
>  browsing my old code I came up with this.
> http://www.geocities.ws/billy_stiltner/code/cgidir.tar.gz
> directory services through http.
> with that idea pd could use pdsend/pdreceive for a FUDI file server!
> ha ha har har.
> further exploration of my old code gets into ffblk not sure if that is
> available on linux and macos.
> and even further is reading the disk 512 bytes at a time through the bios
> , flippin bits to decipher the FAT.  might as well solder up a hex keypad
> with 8bit LCD  to the bus-G.
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 5:13 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>wrote:
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>> On 2014-03-18 21:37, Billy Stiltner wrote:
>> > what's wrong with making the file select dialog an atom? allready
>> > works in all the oses. just fan it's innards out some outputs
>> do you have a public decryption key for your message?
>> i'm totally lost.
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