[PD] ANN: New Pd-L2Ork x86_64 and Raspberry Pi 20140319 release candidate

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Mon Mar 24 14:51:55 CET 2014

> On 2014-03-22 17:03, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> > Apologies for x-posting.
> i seem to remember that i have asked you this question multiple times
> in private, but never received an answer: is there *any* reason to
> make your announcements via pd-list instead of pd-announce [1]?
> all emails to pd-announce are forwarded to pd-list, but some people
> are only subscribed to pd-announce (as they are not interested in
> day-to-day discussion).

...IOhannes, indeed we've had discussions in the past to the point where I
believe no matter what I do will be adequate in your eyes. Your replies to
anything I post to this list teem with negativity, and a good portion of the
time are off-topic (which makes me wonder how does that fit into the mailing
list netiquette?). Yet, knowing you from our in-person conversations, I know
you are a lot nicer than what your posts to this list make you look like.

> btw, anybody can post to pd-announce (all emails get manual moderation
> and are allowed if they are a proper announcement "related to Pd
> somehow").

And yet, I had those rejected as well, although I am not sure if pd-l2ork
announcement is considered related to Pd... It is conceivably possible that
this was a case of having bunch of mailing lists in the TO: header in the
same email which is also known to land them in the admin pile (depending on
the mailing list configuration), but given that all pd-announce emails are
(AFAICT) moderated, what escapes me is why would one reject this merely on
the principle and then in turn double the work both for the poster and

> > (resending because apparently the original was rejected because I
> > was "not subscribed?"...)
> no.
> it was rejected because the mailinglist has a built-in cross-posting
> reject rule. see [2].

First of all, if this is the case, then your mailing list is not configured
properly as it is giving a report that is false/misleading. Second, I think
if this is an automatic bounce, it should happen instantaneously (which was
not the case). If it is left for review of list admins (and hence the delay
in response), then the trouble you went to reject the post could've been
simply redirected by seeing from who the email came and what its purpose is,
rather than creating even more work for everyone involved. Sure, that
introduces exceptions, but in the end I feel it is a nice way of showing
appreciation for those who went through the trouble of contributing to the
community as I am sure you'll agree writing an announcement and providing
free online resources requires a lot more time than reading a subject and
ticking the "approve" checkbox...

I also think this is extraneous (assuming the reject is automated). Like
yourself, I manage over dozen mailing lists among many other things that
keep me busy and even I choose to keep those kinds of posts for review
because I am aware people when they announce things don't want to send dozen
same emails but simply one. At the same time, I also don't want to create
extra work for you or anyone else, so to cut my monologue short, if you
and/or the community so desire, I will stop posting any further
announcements on any pd list, so as not to annoy you (and possibly others).
After all, you manage the list, and life is too short to spend time arguing
over things like these...

Please understand I won't reply to any further discussions on this matter...

Best wishes,


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