[PD] patch wanted: loop station

puredata at 11h11.com puredata at 11h11.com
Fri Mar 28 21:34:48 CET 2014

Yes I would like to have a solution within PD. The Meh patch is very  
very nice, but I am not sure how cross-fading and quantization is  
implemented (will try to contact the author).

Will take a look at ipoke~.
Will put my patch on github, maybe someone will want to join me in  
making a loop station in pd...

Roman about quantization for audio, right now my patch doesn't time  
stretch, only making sure that the loops are in perfect sync even if  
you stop the looping too early or too late. Sooperlooper documentation  
on syncing: http://essej.net/sooperlooper/doc_sync.html


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