[PD] [Patching Circle] Generative Musical Apps this Friday!

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Tue Apr 8 20:36:41 CEST 2014

*Patching Circle*

*Fri, April 116:30pm*
*Conference Room*

Embedded Generative Music Systems on Android and iOS with Chris McCormick
and Dan Wilcox. Learn how to embed Pure Data on your Android or iPhone.

The New York City Patching Circle is an free alternating monthly meeting
and salon open to anyone who is working or interested in media programming
and audiovisual performance. We mostly use Pd and Max/MSP, but all are

Beginners and Experienced welcome. Open to everyone, students, the public,
unicorns.  Work on personal projects, professional projects, school
projects, ask for help, help others, or just patch quietly to yourself in a
room full of other people patching patches and helping other people patch.

Each month there will be informal salon, featuring demonstrations of
projects, performances and systems in the process of being built.  The
format will include short performances, artist talks about process and
performance techniques and Q&A depending on time availability.  The salon
is openly curated with the intent of being as inclusive as possible and
participation is open all practitioners working in realtime media.

Sofy Yuditskaya
s~ <http://yuditskaya.com>
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