[PD] Loading arrays with arbitrary wave forms

David dfkettle at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 02:41:46 CEST 2014


Is there some way to fill an array (table) with an arbitrary wave form
programatically? I know I can use sinesum or cosinesum to generate sums of
sinusoidal wave forms, and in theory any periodic waveform can be generated
this way. But I want to generate wave forms using more complicated
trigonometric expressions, for example sin(sin(x) * pi) or sin(x) ^ 3. I'm
not sure what they would sound like (which is what motivates me to try), or
if there's some way to transform these expressions to use only sinesum or
cosinesum (my knowledge of math is somewhat limited).

Any suggestions on how I could do that in Pure Data? I could create an
audio file using some other software tool and then load it into Pure Data,
but I'd like to know if there's some way to do it directly in PD.

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