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Juan Carlos Gentile Fagúndez jucar at hipatia.net
Sun Apr 20 01:05:46 CEST 2014

My name is Juan Carlos Gentile from Uruguay/Italy
I'm basically a piano classical player, and of course doing electronic/computer music
I spend every year some month in India where I am in this moment.
I will like to know if there is some people from India here.
I'm working in create a center for computer for arts then also music here in Trivandrum, based in exclusively free software and with free software philosophy.
This will be done together with hipatia.net and space-kerala.org and also we are working to have same partner from other countries (if somebody interested please tell me)
The conditions here are good due to the high level of knowledge. It is very easy to find experts in programming, electronics and other fields. Some people is doing some research with arduino
and microhope cards.
thanks in advance.
(sorry for my english) 



			Gutta cavat lapidem
			ma phaleshu kadachana

	www.hipatia.net - aty.hipatia.net - marroncito.hipatia.net

Italia - tel: +39 3929657778  - India - +91 9633013419 - Uruguay +598 091 800680
jabber: jucar at hipatia.net

email: jucar at hipatia.net , jucar at music.columbia.edu
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