[PD] Chebyshev waveshaper

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Sorry bout that, all it is is a number box connected to a line~ (to make it smooth)

It should be in the zip now. Thanks for the heads up


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Opening tcheb~-help.pd I get this in the console: 
... couldn't create

There's a smoother~-help.pd included but no smoother~.pd or smoother~.pd_darwin or a .c file...

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Hi all,
	If anybody's interested I made a chebyshev wave shaper external. it's on the pd forum http://puredata.hurleur.com/sujet-10371-chebyshev-waveshaper-controlled-signals. I know there's already creb/cheby~ but this is slightly different because you cannot set the "harmonics" but you can control the order with a signal. adjacent orders of polynomial are interpolated with the pd cosine table which I have no idea how to use like the cos~ object but I did it anyway and it seemed to work.

	Suggestions would be appreciated, this is only my 3rd small c program


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