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Thu Apr 24 12:29:44 CEST 2014

messages separately (some of Pd's list operations have to copy the list,
which would be expensive if done iteratively over a long list).


On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 01:37:05PM +0900, i go bananas wrote:
> I've got a six voice synth, each with about 20 variable parameters, and
> then sequence data, etc... and all of this data is being stored by the
> objective C front-end of my app.
> can someone tell me, hopefully from experience, what the best format is to
> send a lot of pattern data between obj C and libPD ???  should i package
> all the data as one huge list, or break it all into individual variables,
> or is it ok to organize it into groups for ease of management.
> my plan was to send messages like this from obj C:
> to [r instr1_pattern_data] :  [vol 0.8, pan 0.5, pitch 0.75, param1 0.99
> ... etc]
> actually, i'm not the one doing the C coding, i'm, just doing the pd side,
> but i have to prepare things on my end to make it flow as well as possible.
> Overall, i think there about 1400 values that need to be passed for every
> pattern, so it probably does need to be as well streamlined as possible.
> cheers for any help
> Matt

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