[PD] Pd hangs after installing Digidesign sound card's driver

Alexandros Drymonitis adrcki at gmail.com
Thu May 15 14:19:04 CEST 2014

I had to use a digidesign sound card so I installed the appropriate driver
and tried to open Pd. For a couple of times it hanged and I had to force
quit it, but the third time it opened.
After a while I quit it and tried to reopen it and since then it just
hangs. I uninstalled the driver (and its additional files in
/Library/Application Support/Digidesign), restarted my laptop, but Pd still
hangs. I tried to open it from the terminal with the -audiodev flag (tried
number one as an argument, shouldn't that be the built-in audio?) but it
still hangs.
I'm on OS X 10.8.5 with Pd-extended-0.43.4 (BTW, typing this in the
terminal works: /Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd
What can I do about that?
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