[PD] Click Tracker as app/webservice - Pd or not?

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> Subject: [PD] Click Tracker as app/webservice - Pd or not?
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> Hello all,
> I wanted to make an app of my click tracker
> (https://www.facebook.com/Click.Tracker?fref=ts), so that it can be used
> by mobile plattforms, and maybe also online as a web realtime synthetizer.
> I don't have a mobile device, and besides once with rjdj I never tried
> anything with mobile Pd.
> I would like to ask the more experienced users:
> - is it possible/confortable to make a Pd app for both android and ios?
> (The code is in extended, but it can easily be ported to vanilla.)

Yes. You can either run the patches in DroidParty (Android) or PdParty (iOS, soon to be released) or code up your own app, see: 

> - besides webpd, are there any other options to have Pd running as a web
> synth?

None that I know of.

> - the program is basically a sample player with a variable delay, so it's
> very light. Still, are the mobile/web plattforms stable enough to produce
> precise timing just like in a computer?

Not really, at least in my experience.

> - would it be better just to code the whole thing e.g. in java? or even html5?

Probably, but why go to the web? What would the use case be? You could more easily roll your own desktop app using libpd (and/or using OpenFrameworks) if you want it to be an "app" as opposed to "download Pd and run these patches ...".

> - are there any other considerations to take into account?


Dan Wilcox

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