[PD] Juce/cocoa in pd for vst~ like object

Pierre Guillot via Pd-list pd-list at lists.iem.at
Sat Jun 14 15:10:16 CEST 2014

> I made a basic pd object that uses juce's plugin hosting routines. To open
> a plugin GUI on osx it will need to open a cocoa window. Does anyone know
> if that is possible in a pd object? Is pd mac using cocoa yet?
> Hi, you can have a look at the CICM Wrapper (CreamLibrary/Dev/c.juce)


It allows to draw GUIs with the Juce API. If you want to show the juce
window, you just have to change the component properties and to disable the
tcl/tk part. It's still in development and I can't receive the mouse
interactions for the moment, if you find the solution I'll be pleased to
know it.

The most "important" part is to call the function  "initialiseMac" from the
file "ejucebox_startup.mm" and the function "initialiseJuce_GUI" when you
initialize your class.

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