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You can begin the PD process in a startup script. In most distros, I'm
pretty sure this is as simple as modifying /etc/rc.local (see
http://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/linux/usage/rc-local.md for more
clear details).

With my Pi, I run this script at startup:
Yours will probably look a bit different, but it should be pretty simple!

If you are using the Satellite CCRMA distro (which I highly recommend),
there's already a script configured to run at startup, which you can modify

With Satellite CCRMA, you can also run the command "disable-flash-writes"
before you set up your Raspberry Pi as an autonomous device. This will
prevent data from being written to the SD card, so that you can unplug it
without worrying about corrupting the SD card image. When you need to
modify data on the card again, you can just SSH back in (or do whatever you
normally do to control your Pi) and use "enable-flash-writes"

Let me know if you're confused on anything.


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> Hi List,
> There must be a straightforward answer to this, and it's not pd-specific,
> but I just can't find it:
> How do I configure my Raspberry Pi to not require a login so that I can
> just power up and have a working effects unit?
> Thanks,
> Joe
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