[PD] Patching Circle At CRASH Space Los Angeles June 22nd

Theron Trowbridge via Pd-list pd-list at lists.iem.at
Thu Jun 19 00:12:30 CEST 2014

We will be having a patching circle at CRASH Space in Los Angeles on Sunday
June 22nd starting at Noon. CRASH Space is located at 10526 Vencie Blvd.,
in Culver City.

Usual patching circle publicity text:

A patching circle is an informal gathering of anyone who is interested in
patching languages (Pure Data, Max/MSP/Jitter, etc.). Beginners and
experienced patchers are welcome. Open to everyone – work on personal or
professional projects, school work, or just patch quietly to yourself, in a
room full of other people patching patches and helping other people patch.

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