[PD] [PD-announce] GPIO External for RPi based on WiringPi

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Congrats! Gotta love FOSS and the variety of options it offers :-)


There are several implementations of this, including Miller's gpio, and
pd-l2ork's disis_spi and disis_gpio (which are also compatible with
pd-vanilla). disis_spi gives you 8 channels of mcp3008 connectivity, and
disis_gpio gives you all the GPIO functionality from wiringpi, including
both hw and sw pwm and the ability to side-step wiringpi's dubious
requirement to exit the program if an error is encountered. They build
automatically for Raspberry Pi builds of pd-l2ork (./tar_em_up.sh -R), but
can be also built manually by going into
<git_mirrored_folder>/l2ork_addons/raspberry_pi folder. These will be
presented at NIME early next week. Cheers!


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Hi all, 


I've recently made this external to access the GPIO and the mcp3008 (or
mcp3004) chip in the raspberry pi. They are standalone externals based on
WiringPi (http://wiringpi.com/). Everything is in C so they should be
reasonably fast.


To get the code, binaries and help files go to:



All best,



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