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Other OSes: yes, though I cannot say when.
Pd-extended and Vanilla: probably not.


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a question: are these new commands only for pd-l2ork? Will they ever be part of extended, or of any other OS except linux?



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Hi list,
>     I've got a nice collection of new drawing commands in Pd-l2ork for drawing scalars that are (mostly) based on the svg spec from HTML5.  Currently they are named [draw $shape], where $shape can be an svg shape, path, or also some higher-level convenience command like a sprite.  (There is also [group] for svg groups, which should probably be [draw group].)  Arguments set the initial coordinate data, like [draw line 0 0 40 40], but coords and attributes like color/opacity/transform can also be set and/or changed by sending messages to the object.
>What do people think of this kind of two word naming scheme, as compared to Pd Vanilla's where the name of the shape is in the selector like [drawcurve] or [drawpolygon]?  I don't usually like the two word naming scheme, like the [list] objects.  But in this case, the object interface is the same no matter what shape is chosen.  (Nearly because [draw sprite] has a method for setting the index.)  So everything really is one class called "draw", and the shape-- though it cannot be changed after instantiation-- is data that determines how to interpret the rest of the args plus any attributes set by sending messages.
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