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love those two ideas

I could also add the idea of having some research group working on it. At
least here in Brazil I know a couple of people who'd like to back it up.

so yeah, I was waiting for the american PdCon and it never happened :(
guess I'll have to make another south american one


2014-09-21 18:19 GMT-03:00 me.grimm <megrimm at gmail.com>:

> >> it involves time
> ... or money.
> maybe we revisit the kickstarter (or something else) idea brought forth by
> jonathon a few years ago and just pay someone to do it. to me it seems like
> 1) none of us really have any money (im just assuming here we are all poor
> artists) and more importantly 2) none of us really have any time and those
> that do might not have the skills.
> OR maybe we have another PDCon (remember that?) to get amped up and pump
> something out....
> m
> On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I talked to Hans about this a bit. In essence, it involves bringing in
>> the new pd vanilla source and making sure the Pd-extended
>> additions/modifications aren't lost. With the updates/cleanups to the
>> tcl/tk sources a few years ago (great work Hans et al!), it should be alot
>> easier than the previous extended releases. But still, *easy* or not, it
>> involves time.
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>> I wish I knew something about coding to help out with its development :P
>> I do care a lot about it though and wish I could help in some other way.
>> I do see a few problems with extended, but they're basically related to
>> some of the externals and libraries that sometimes do not work as they
>> should, have bad and messy help files and are sometimes redundanct. If
>> welcome, I could help sharing my thoughts and two cents about that, but I
>> realize those are not actual bug fixes regarding the code, so it's not a
>> priority on its to do list and issues for being updated to another release.
>> Anyway, while were at it, what kind of work exactly do you mean someone
>> would have to do? I suppose there is a great list of bug fixes just to keep
>> it basically what it is. Given the context, I'm not assuming any big to do
>> list for some new features agenda. But besidesthe bug fixes, how hard is it
>> for someone to just update to the latest vanilla core?
>> Well, since Pd is an open source project that relies on community effort,
>> and this is the list of its main developers and users, I guess this is the
>> place to talk about a collaboration and see if we can get Pd-extended's
>> development
>> to continue.
>> I'd to help in any way I can.
>> Cheers
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