[PD] help- using an ultrasound distance sensor

Sujay Mukherjee mukherjee.sujay at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 07:22:48 CEST 2014

 I am  having trouble in using the ultrasound distance sensor with the
arduino board.
the model is HC_SRO4 and has a vcc- trigger- echo and gnd pins.
i am trying to get  distances out of it
while most online tutorials that i am checking is putting the echo and
trigger into digital pins of the arduino board but my problem is if so how
do I write the patch in pduino to get the distance.)
I am using the pduino test patch to do the interactions but can't figure
out how to generate numbers through a digital input.

or should I put the echo/trigger pin into the analog input pins ? I have
also tried to put the Echo into the analog pins of the arduino board but
doing so is not providing any number except flickering at 0.00
Please help me out in sorting this

to get an analog input i am using the message- analogIns 2 $1 going to the
arduino object and the route objects coming out of it
but can't get much
I also tried using trigger pin as an output pin to send a signal and an
echo pin as an anolog input pin to receive the signal but ofcourse without
any sucess.
please suggest

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