[PD] help- using an ultrasound distance sensor

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Fri Sep 26 09:18:41 CEST 2014

On 2014-09-26 07:22, Sujay Mukherjee wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am  having trouble in using the ultrasound distance sensor with the
> arduino board.
> the model is HC_SRO4 and has a vcc- trigger- echo and gnd pins.
> i am trying to get  distances out of it
> while most online tutorials that i am checking is putting the echo and
> trigger into digital pins of the arduino board but my problem is if so
> how do I write the patch in pduino to get the distance.)
> I am using the pduino test patch to do the interactions but can't figure
> out how to generate numbers through a digital input.

If you want approximately accurate data from the HC_SR04, you have to
measure it on the Arduino, which means customizing the Pduino sketch. A
library and a demo sketch for the HC_SR04 is a good starting point,
like: http://freecode.com/projects/hc-sr04-ultrasonic-arduino-library.

> Thanks
> Sujay
Greetings & success,

Fred Jan

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